Many Columbia Gorge Communities in Oregon and Washington support a coal-free world, beginning at home, in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, recognizing the importance of people determining what materials are allowable for transport through their communities and watersheds.

The purpose of this blog is to communicate and advocate for the public interest in issues pertaining to coal transport in the Columbia River Gorge, providing an online outlet for honest discussion and information, as well as inform and unite local citizens about the damaging effects of coal transport through our communities.


Learn about opportunities to keep up the growing momentum for a safe, healthy, coal-free Northwest.  We meet regularly to learn more about coal exports and ways to get involved.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  For the summer, meetings are down to once per month, alternating between Hood River and The Dalles.

Stand UP Against Coal Exports Through the Gorge!
Big Coal is planning on exporting millions of tons of coal per year from Montana and Wyoming to Asia and all of it is slated to come through the Columbia Gorge. Coal shipments will deposit tons of coal dust from the uncovered rail cars on our land and water, increase train noise and cause additional delays at rail road crossings due to slow 1.5 mile long trains.

Coal poses a threat to human health by polluting air and water. In fact, coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel, responsible for a disproportionate share of the nation’s smog, heavy metals pollution, and climate- warming emissions. Although demand for coal has been declining in the United States, in part because of competition from cleaner energy sources, coal companies are looking to China and other Asian markets where demand appears to be increasing.

Oregon and Washington have been turning to cleaner energy and phasing out coal. Coal companies, seeing little future growth in domestic markets, have a new plan: shipping up to 100 million tons of coal each year through Northwest communities to be sold in Asia.

Shipping up to 100 million tons of coal a year through our communities would spread toxic coal dust along the rail lines; clog our railroads, ports, and highways; risk our families’ health; pollute our air and water; and worsen the climate crisis.

Coal companies stand to make huge profits while the Northwest pays the price. We need to power past coal – build strong local economies and keep the places we love healthy for our families.

Both Oregon and Washington can stop the coal industry in its tracks. Governor Kitzhaber of Oregon and Governor Inslee of Washington have the power to block the construction of these coal export facilities. They need to know that citizens in Oregon and Washington don’t want their states to be used as an export hubs for filthy and polluting coal.

Many residents living in Columbia River Gorge Communities in Oregon and Washington support a coal-free world . . . beginning at home . . . here . . .  in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge.

Contact pamess@gorge.net for questions about this blog.

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