Pacific Northwest governors urge federal officials to look closely at coal export proposal

PRI, Public Radio International
April 5, 2013

Federal officials are considering a plan to open up federal lands to coal mining, with the idea that the coal would be exported, likely to Asia. But two governors, in Washington and in Oregon, are urging federal officials to look closely at the proposals and consider whether its in the national best interest.

The governors of Oregon and Washington State are asking President Barack Obama’s environmental team to weigh in on controversial plans to export coal from federal lands in Montana and Wyoming to markets in Asia.

Governors John Kitzhaber of Oregon and Jay Inslee of Washington, both Democrats, have sent a letter to the White House, asking the government to consider costs to the climate and taxpayers as it reviews plans to build port facilities and rail lines. To be clear, the governors of Washington state and Oregon are not asking to block the export of coal from federal land. They’re simply raising questions.

Amelia Templeton, a reporter for Oregon Public Broadcasting, said the state officials are effectively warning federal regulators to consider their actions very carefully — not because they have a way of stopping them, but because they think the issue is exceedingly complex.

[This report is part of the Voices of Coal project, from the public media cooperative, EarthFix.]

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Coal is rearing its head again the Columbia Gorge. The new threat comes in the form of proposals to export coal from Wyoming to coal-fired power plants in China. The coal would be transported via uncovered rail cars through the Columbia Gorge. Many Columbia Gorge Communities in Oregon and Washington support a coal-free world, beginning at home, in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, recognizing the importance of people determining what materials are allowable for transport through their communities and watersheds. This blog exists to communicate and advocate for the public interest in issues pertaining to coal transport in the Columbia River Gorge, providing an online outlet for honest discussion and information. To inform and unite local citizens about the damaging effects of coal transport through our communities. To endorse positive and considerate dialogue with the aim of mutual understanding among diverse parties. CLEAN AIR HEALTHY COMMUNITIES NO COAL EXPORTS STOP COAL IN ITS TRACKS
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