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Oregon and northwest neighbors must decide wisely on coal export proposals

The Oregonian Editorial Board, April 29, 2012 It was only a matter of time before a local leader willing to look at the big picture on coal exports stood up and said, in so many words: Wait a minute, are … Continue reading

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Coal Trains & Climate Change: Keep coal in the ground and out of the skies

Connect The Dots :: 5/5/12: Climate Impacts Day Saturday, May 5, 10:00 AM Park-n-Ride, Highway 35 Hood River, Oregon Join in … read about Coal Trains and Climate Change/Connect The Dots Action …

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Morrow coal export project files Biological Assessment

Columbia Riverkeeper, April 26, 2012 Ambre’s consultants prepared this Biological Assessment of the impacts of their coal export project on threatened and endangered species, including salmon, steelhead, and eulachon.  Ambre proposes to ship coal via trains from the Powder River … Continue reading

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Power Past Coal Coalition’s press statement in response to Gov. Kitzhaber

Read Power Past Coal Coalition’s press release in response to Gov. Kitzhaber’s announcement on coal exports.

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Kitzhaber Calls For Environmental Impact Study Of Coal Exports

Ecotrope, Oregon Public Broadcasting, April 25, 2012 By Cassandra Profita Gov. John Kitzhaber shared his “grave concerns” about coal export projects on the West Coast at the Future Energy Conference in Portland today. And he asked the federal government to conduct … Continue reading

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Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber calls for sweeping review of planned coal exports from Northwest ports

The Oregonian, April 25, 2012 By Scott Learn Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber wants an extensive federal government review of exporting coal to Asia through Northwest ports, saying coal export could clog barge and train routes, increase diesel and coal dust … Continue reading

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The coal port issue is spreading all over the Northwest

Crosscut, News of the Great Nearby, April 25, 2012 By Daniel Jack Chasan With a new contender, on the Columbia River near Boardman, joining the parade, those concerned about widespread impacts are pushing for a comprehensive EIS process that will … Continue reading

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